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Infrared Thermometer IR-988


This innovative contact less IR thermometer takes accurate temperature reading from the forehead location of babies and adults. The unit supports multiple temperature measurement modes including: baby, adults and surface. In addition to measuring baby or adult temperatures, you can also use this device to measure milk, food or other fluid temperature. Some key features include: : Infrared contact less technology Infrared technology and fully contact less makes it quick and safe to take temperature measurements by pointing the thermometer to the forehead area. Highly precise and quick measurements The device takes rapid measurement in less than 1 second with high precision of +-0.1C Memory Stores upto 32 readings in memory Audio alerts Audio prompt tone that tells you when to take the reading. Automatic shutdown after 1 minute Measurement area: forehead and ear Temperature ranges Body 32.0~42.9℃ Surface/Environment 0~100℃


Infrared contactless measurement

Takes readings from forehead / ear for babies and adults

Accurate readings within 1 second

32 readings in memory