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HealthAid Zinc Sulphate 200mg 90 Tablets


  • Zinc is an essential mineral that is found in almost every cell and is vital for numerous processes in the body
  • It stimulates the activity of several enzymes and is therefore involved in normal cell growth and supports healthy immunity, digestion and the maintenance of supple joints
  • HealthAid provides a strong zinc sulphate supplement which can be easily absorbed and assimilated by the body for optimum effect


Zinc Sulphate Tablets can be taken by men to improve male health and by everyone to help increase appetite, immunity, and wellbeing.


  • Men’s health and well-being especially for the prostate gland
  • Men who suffer from impotence, infertility and reduced sperm count
  • Elderly people, concerned about senility and mental health
  • Excessive alcoholic drinkers
  • People following fad diets or are limiting calorie intake
  • Those who have recently undergone surgery, suffered an injury or those with skin problems
  • Those with lowered immunity