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Pampers Premium Care Diapers Small Size 2 80 Count


Pampers Premium Care is PAMPERS BEST most technologically advanced diaper that offers 5 star skin protection. Pampers Preium Care diapers are uniquely designed to give our ultimate skin protection to meet baby’s needs in every stage of his development. It offers a unique combination for 5 Star Skin Protection:
– Ultra Dry: It’s absorbency system provides up to 12 hours of dryness and a honeycomb layer for absorption of runny mess (on sizes 1-3)
– Ultra Care: Breathable materials that allow air to reach baby’s skin, and a clinically proven lotion with Aloe that helps to protect the skin
– Ultra Thin: Unique DryMax technology enables to offer our best technology in our 20% thinner diaper
– Ultra Fit: Stretchy sides that provides great fit that helps to prevent leakage and minimize red marks
– Ultra Comfortable: Soft-like-cotton materials and soft quilted backsheet that provide gentle touch to the baby’s skin