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Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Extra Large Size 5 60 Count


The sight of your little one wriggling and rolling in laughter is as adorable as it gets, but while changing diapers it’s another story. That’s where Pampers Pants come in. With just one pull to put on and up to 12 hours of dryness, these pants-style diapers are your best bet for a good night’s rest. Moreover, the soft cotton-like material provides superior comfort and keeps the skin fresh all night long.


  • Revolutionary 3 extra absorb channels that help distribute wetness evenly
  • 12 hours of dryness with absorbent micro pearls and extra absorbing channels
  • Breathable soft belt for baby’s comfort & gentle skin
  • Even wetness distribution to prevent bulk and sagging
  • Elastic waistband & leg cuffs to prevent leakage & give superior fit
  • Easy pull up like pants for easier and faster change